Thanks for popping by! I'm Dana Torgalson, the artist and hand letterer behind all of the work you see here.

To share a little bit about myself - I'm super sentimental and I love to create. I have boxes of cards from various occasions (some date back to the 90s!) containing thoughtful handwritten messages from family and friends. Some of the cards have messages from people who have passed away, so I'm super grateful to have these special sentiments that I can hang on to. I like to think that the designs I create will carry the same level of meaning for someone else. It's this (senti)mentality that allows me to create unique designs that carry a personal touch.

Whether it's for your wedding, a birthday, or you simply want something special to hang on your wall - I'd love to work with you to bring your creative vision to life! I'm based in Edmonton, Alberta but I'm happy to work with folks from near and far.


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